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Life changing experience.

The program gave me exactly what I was looking for: a safe and supportive space to explore fasting, learn about its benefits, and deepen the connection and awareness with my body. It gave me a new perspective on the relationship between my body and food. I have introduced one day fast a week, and will definitely aim to do one week retreat a year. Thank you Corinne for a wonderful and life-changing experience.


Super helpful !

Our coach Corinne Carthy was super helpful and all the presentations were very interesting and helpful. Corinne has a very strong knowledge on nutrition and she answered all our questions in details making it easy to understand what we were going through. I really enjoyed the fast and felt cleansed after it. I would definitely do another one.


Program #3 and still singing praises

I’ve just completed my third program with fasting coach Corinne. I’m so pleased with the results and support that I intend to make this a regular part of my life each year. I use the program to re-center myself and remember all of the wonderful benefits and reasons why I maintain an intermittent fasting lifestyle. I highly recommend for all.


Yes, it is possible to fast at home

I thoroughly enjoyed my 5 day OMAD Intermittent fast with Corinne, a Nutritional Therapist, and a Healthy Lifestyle and Fasting Coach. I would highly recommend trying it. I have fasted many times but I never felt I could do it at home. To be honest I was a bit dubious about doing a fast online but I can honestly say I stuck to it fully with the support of Corinne who is both deeply knowledgeable and caring. She accompanied me every step of the way. There is something about this personal contact that held me accountable. Corinne personally calls to check in each morning, is available to answer any questions throughout the day and presents a precise and informative talk on various aspects of nutrition each evening. I would highly recommend Fasting and Coaching with Corinne as an introduction to the concept of fasting and if you are a seasoned faster… yes, it is possible to fast at home and a perfect way to try it is with the support of a coach..The good news is I lost 6lbs, but what I most appreciate is how I feel my awareness of food and the timing of my meals has been reset. In fact I am very comfortable continuing OMAD for another few days myself. I look forward to doing a liquid fast in the near future with Corinne. Thank you.


Back on track

I’m so very grateful I found this program! I moved to Ireland from the US in May of 2020, right in the midst of a global pandemic. The stress of moving to a new country coupled with being on lockdown with 24×7 close proximity to the refrigerator lead to very, very poor eating habits.
I had done intermittent fasting in the past, specifically focusing on OMAD, and I loved it. I tried a few times on my own to get back on track but alas, I knew I would need some outside help to keep it going. That’s when I found Fasting & Coaching, and I’m so very happy that I did!
I’m now on my third full week of OMAD and loving how I look and feel. I loved the support provided by Corinne that I even signed up for a second week just so I don’t miss anything! Each night of the 5-day program we met together and Corinne provided such amazing information and guidance. In addition to that, Corinne also called me each day to check in and give support when I needed it. I was so grateful and enjoyed the program so much that I signed up for a second 5-day program just to make sure I didn’t miss anything and to lock it in so that I can continue to be successful going forward.
I highly recommend for anyone struggling to get back on track!

Linda Thackeray

Intermitting fasting

I would highly recommend the five day intermitting fast, fasting-coaching was hugely motivating and beneficial to guide me through the preparation, the five days and re-introduction of normal life.
Corinne was so supportive, informative in a very gentle and caring way. She couldn’t of done anything more to help us through the week.
I am still reaping the benefits and I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge in fasting and healthy lifestyle. I most definitely plan to redo intermittent fasting and I look forward to attempting the juice fast soon. Many thanks.


Feeling absolutely amazing after my 5 days!

While my father regularly took time out to do a few days of fasting, it is not something , I ever thought I’d be able to do. I could never imagine being without food for a longer period even when I was young, but in later years I became more and more that “Hangry” person. In the last few years though I made a lot of changes to my diet and became interested in fasting but was afraid to book an expensive fasting retreat – in case I wouldn’t be able to stick to it. The idea of fasting at home with the supervision and support though really appealed to me especially now when there aren’t any options of going out. I absolutely cannot believe HOW EASY it was! The service was second to none from the moment I booked, everything was explained to me perfectly and Corine really took her time. The presentations during the week really helped understand what is going on in our bodies. As I wasn’t hungry at all – as you might be on a “low calorie diet” – it was so easy and the fact that others in the house were eating and that food was lying around didn’t even tempt me in the slightest. I couldn’t believe how much energy I actually had and had to actually consciously force myself to slow down as well to get the most out of the week. My mind also was very sharp all the time, and I had so many moments of absolute sensations of bliss, euphoria and sense of total relaxation. I’ve felt as happy as if I was away on a beach holiday. Now I understand why so many people rave about fasting, and I wish I had not left it that long to give it a go. At the same time, I’m immensely proud of myself. I now know when I get my usual chocolate cravings that I can easily be without them and that my body does not need to constantly eat. I can definitely highly recommend doing Fasting at home with Corine and Fasting&Coaching.

Ilona Madden

My Liquid Fast at home

I highly recommend the Fasting & Coaching Liquid Fast! Providing the option to do it at home gave me the opportunity to do it and I still felt part of a group throughout.
There was fantastic support all the way, 1-1 daily calls, zoom calls each evening with the group, where a different informative topic was delivered and online access to lots of resources.
I am delighted with the benefits I felt and saw afterwards and old bad habits were replaced with new habits that I can easily carry on with!


Fasting at home

I did my first juice fast at home in December 2020 with great support from Corinne and Gabby. I met the other participants on line each evening which was always motivational and reassuring. Easier than I thought and I was never hungry. I worked through most of it as well, so no need to take time off and make travel arrangements, it can be done from the comfort of your own home. Lovely feeling to have a clean, empty gut, lots of energy and a clear mind. Looking forward to the next one !


Challenge met thanks to Fasting & Coaching

If one day I was told that I would fast alone at home, for sure, I would not have believed it… and yet, it is now true !!! I am proud of myself! Also, I would like to thank Fasting & Coaching very much for this program. The supervision is reassuring, the morning call from the nutrition coach is comforting, the support of the group is motivating. The perfect recipe for a successful fast. Bravo to our group of 12 for this memorable week 😉


An easy fast at home, thanks to the coaching

After a very beneficial first fast in the Retreat Centre with Fasting & Wellbeing two years ago, I wanted to start over. The very practical “at home” formula was the trigger. The support of Cécile, caring in the morning, and very informative during the presentations at the end of the day, structures the days and the week goes by very quickly, in a nice group atmosphere (thank you Zoom!)
All in all a good “reminder” to get back on the right track of a better diet and lifestyle. A big thank-you.


A Great experience

Very good fasting experience at home, the group, the follow-up and the lectures really helped to get into the dynamics of it all.
Very beautiful energy, made me want to do it again every season!


It’s possible !

My first fast, from the comfort of your own home while continuing to work and take care of my young children! So it is possible! The body is definitely well built!
After the fear of getting started, the new sensations, awareness of the body’s nutritional needs, renewed energy and today the urge and even the need to change my diet to eat less and better! And then 4 kilos lost! Not bad!

I would never have done it by myself! But with the support of the nutrition coach, reassuring, enlightening, caring and the knowledge that I was connected throughout the fast to a professional and to the members of a group on the same adventure, I lived the experience !!

Next time, I’ll go to the retreat centre or do it while on holidays to focus and take even better care of myself! Thank you for this great online initiative without which I would never have had such an experience! Today I know I will do it again!