I thoroughly enjoyed my 5 day OMAD Intermittent fast with Corinne, a Nutritional Therapist, and a Healthy Lifestyle and Fasting Coach. I would highly recommend trying it. I have fasted many times but I never felt I could do it at home. To be honest I was a bit dubious about doing a fast online but I can honestly say I stuck to it fully with the support of Corinne who is both deeply knowledgeable and caring. She accompanied me every step of the way. There is something about this personal contact that held me accountable. Corinne personally calls to check in each morning, is available to answer any questions throughout the day and presents a precise and informative talk on various aspects of nutrition each evening. I would highly recommend Fasting and Coaching with Corinne as an introduction to the concept of fasting and if you are a seasoned faster… yes, it is possible to fast at home and a perfect way to try it is with the support of a coach..The good news is I lost 6lbs, but what I most appreciate is how I feel my awareness of food and the timing of my meals has been reset. In fact I am very comfortable continuing OMAD for another few days myself. I look forward to doing a liquid fast in the near future with Corinne. Thank you.