My first fast, from the comfort of your own home while continuing to work and take care of my young children! So it is possible! The body is definitely well built!
After the fear of getting started, the new sensations, awareness of the body’s nutritional needs, renewed energy and today the urge and even the need to change my diet to eat less and better! And then 4 kilos lost! Not bad!

I would never have done it by myself! But with the support of the nutrition coach, reassuring, enlightening, caring and the knowledge that I was connected throughout the fast to a professional and to the members of a group on the same adventure, I lived the experience !!

Next time, I’ll go to the retreat centre or do it while on holidays to focus and take even better care of myself! Thank you for this great online initiative without which I would never have had such an experience! Today I know I will do it again!