While my father regularly took time out to do a few days of fasting, it is not something , I ever thought I’d be able to do. I could never imagine being without food for a longer period even when I was young, but in later years I became more and more that “Hangry” person. In the last few years though I made a lot of changes to my diet and became interested in fasting but was afraid to book an expensive fasting retreat – in case I wouldn’t be able to stick to it. The idea of fasting at home with the supervision and support though really appealed to me especially now when there aren’t any options of going out. I absolutely cannot believe HOW EASY it was! The service was second to none from the moment I booked, everything was explained to me perfectly and Corine really took her time. The presentations during the week really helped understand what is going on in our bodies. As I wasn’t hungry at all – as you might be on a “low calorie diet” – it was so easy and the fact that others in the house were eating and that food was lying around didn’t even tempt me in the slightest. I couldn’t believe how much energy I actually had and had to actually consciously force myself to slow down as well to get the most out of the week. My mind also was very sharp all the time, and I had so many moments of absolute sensations of bliss, euphoria and sense of total relaxation. I’ve felt as happy as if I was away on a beach holiday. Now I understand why so many people rave about fasting, and I wish I had not left it that long to give it a go. At the same time, I’m immensely proud of myself. I now know when I get my usual chocolate cravings that I can easily be without them and that my body does not need to constantly eat. I can definitely highly recommend doing Fasting at home with Corine and Fasting&Coaching.