I’m so very grateful I found this program! I moved to Ireland from the US in May of 2020, right in the midst of a global pandemic. The stress of moving to a new country coupled with being on lockdown with 24×7 close proximity to the refrigerator lead to very, very poor eating habits.
I had done intermittent fasting in the past, specifically focusing on OMAD, and I loved it. I tried a few times on my own to get back on track but alas, I knew I would need some outside help to keep it going. That’s when I found Fasting & Coaching, and I’m so very happy that I did!
I’m now on my third full week of OMAD and loving how I look and feel. I loved the support provided by Corinne that I even signed up for a second week just so I don’t miss anything! Each night of the 5-day program we met together and Corinne provided such amazing information and guidance. In addition to that, Corinne also called me each day to check in and give support when I needed it. I was so grateful and enjoyed the program so much that I signed up for a second 5-day program just to make sure I didn’t miss anything and to lock it in so that I can continue to be successful going forward.
I highly recommend for anyone struggling to get back on track!