Your guided Liquid Fast

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 Discover the benefits of a liquid fast

What is a fast?

Fasting: a much needed break. Fasting has existed since the dawn of time… Each day that passes during your fast you will be amazed when you realise how easy it is to fast at home thanks to our “Fasting & Coaching” programs.


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What are the effects of a fast?

When we fast, the body totally rejuvenates. It can finally eliminate accumulated toxins, strengthen our immune system and rebalance our intestinal flora.

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What are the contraindications of fasting?

There are a number of contraindications to fasting.
Fasting is an option for all healthy people and is so much easier than most diets you may have tried.

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Our 4-step approach


Step 1 - Your registration

Register on our site HERE and complete your confidential online health questionnaire.

You will receive an initial telephone call from your coach to explain the program you have chosen and the various phases of your support.

To help you prepare for your liquid fast you will receive all the necessary
information as well as a list of items you will need for your program


Step 2 - Your preparation phase (4 days)

Start your food preparation with the help of your instruction booklet.

Take advantage of the hotline and the daily call from your coach.

Thanks to the WhatsApp group, you can share your experience with the other participants on your program to boost your motivation!

You are now perfectly prepared for your 5 days of liquid fast.

Step 3 - Your fasting phase (5 days)

Everyday, Monday to Friday, receive expert, professional and personalized advice during the telephone conversation with your coach.

Try our breathing and morning body waking exercises. Put your body in motion: Yoga / Qi Gong / Stretching …

Share your day with your WhatsApp chat group if you wish.

You receive all the recipes for making your daily drinks.

You end your day on an educational note with the presentations given live by your coach and the opportunity to interact by asking your questions.

Step 4 - Your recovery phase (4 days)

Your coach will explain the recovery phase to you.

You will have previously received your instructions with recipe ideas and advice on how to sustain the benefits of your fast.

You will continue to benefit from the services of the hotline and your coach to answer any questions you might have, as well as the WhatsApp chat group.

You can share your experience and why not leave your testimony like so many
others already have !

Your typical day


Start the day with a morning fruit and vegetable juice.


Breathing and morning body waking exercises.

Personalised and scheduled telephone conversation with your coach

Gentle activities: walks for 2 hours or practice any other activity that gets the body moving.

Rest periods such as naps, hobby activities: reading, painting, massage, sauna, etc.

Preparation of the evening broth

Online conference at 6 p.m. with an educational talk hosted by your coach

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