Why is fasting good for health ?

Why is fasting good for health ?

A rest for the body

How can you protect the body from excessive psychological pressures?
As it is often the case, “There are two sides to every coin.”….

In our western world, the comfort and abundance of modern life leads us towards always more, always better, with constant pressure to succeed…. And therefore STRESS….

Our body suffers, not from the lack of food, as our ancestors experienced, but rather because of the food we eat. This ‘too much’, ‘too quick’, industrialization of our food, has consequences and our resulting health is only the reflection of the choices we make.

YES ! Putting our digestive system to rest is essential for our health.

Our body suffers from "over indulgence"

10 good reasons to practice fasting

1. Decreases the storage of fat and sugar in the body
2. Stimulates the fat burning mechanism
3. Helps better control food cravings
4. Stimulates the secretion of growth hormones
5. Improves physical and intellectual performance
6. Promotes cell regeneration
7. Allows cleansing of the body
8. Decreases cellular oxidation
9. Decreases premature aging of cells
10. Prevents overweight and various associated pathologies

Give your body a truly deserved rest

A rest for the mind

Today, in our busy lives we are constantly being bombarded with so much information, with no time to process it all. Too much of anything can leave us having too many wants, too many needs, too many unnecessary excesses. This can result in a sense of frustration, uncontrolled anxiety and stress. We need to learn to settle down, pause and regain control of our own internal rhythm.. By allowing our minds to breathe, to recharge and to re-centre ourselves, we can then bring more clarity to our thoughts, and improve our decision making. YES ! Fasting is a personal journey that will change your perspective on life for the better !



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