Your coaches

Corinne Carthy

Originally from France, I have lived in Ireland for the last 20 years with my husband and 4 children. Over the years, I developed a love of natural foods and the value of good healthy eating for health. In early 2013, I decided to follow my passion and trained as a Nutritional Therapist and a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach graduating in 2016 from IINH, Bray. As a fervent believer in body detoxification to maintain ultimate health and vitality, when I discovered Fasting 9 years ago I committed to do a yearly fast of 7 and sometimes 14-days. Having experienced first-hand the body’s tremendous ability to adapt and self-heal during it, in 2018, I decided to train as a Coach in the theoretical and practical field of “fasting” with ISUPNAT Paris. There I truly deepened my understanding and learnings of the body’s physiology during a fast and what is involved in accompanying people who want to fast. After running my own fasting retreats in Ireland for a while, I have now joined the Fasting & Wellbeing network. It is for me a real privilege to accompany you on your detox journey through their programs.

Gabby Punch

I am a dual qualified nurse with over 30 years’ experience in general and psychiatric nursing. My main interest is in emotional wellbeing and preventative medicine. I work as a psychotherapist using the Human Givens Approach integrating it with my work as a nutritional coach. Having learnt the importance of our food in relation to both our emotional and physical health, my understanding is that it can feed either health or disease, depending on the choices we make ! And so today I am delighted to accompany you with the Fasting & Coaching programs and I will be at your disposal, providing you with advice and support along your journey.